The KoolLogix™ System

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How it works?
1. Server waste heat will boil the working fluid inside the evaporator

2. The working fluid now in vapor form carries the heat to the condenser
3. Chilled water will pass through the condenser and liquifies the vapor
4. Gravity drives the liquid back to the evaporator and the cycle repeats

Use Case:
Data Center Services

Problem Statement

Office space converted to DC suite with 2N resiliency

  • Limited available power and chilled water supply

  • Limited workable data floor space area



​Retrofitted with KoolLogix™ Solution

  • Introduce passive heat removal capability

  • Scientific approach to economize chilled water use

  • Design for 2N with scalable heat load handling

Use Case:
Energy  Utility Company

Problem Statement

DC has cooling challenge, hotspots, underutilized data floor area

  • CRAC cooling limitation

  • IT infrastructure deployment limitated


​Supplement cooling with KoolLogix™ System

  • Reduce hotspot with contained passive heat removal

  • Improve and increase rack deployment in data floor

  • Introduce higher power density capability per rack

  • Introduce 2N resilience over current setup

Use Case:
Global Colo DC Operator I

Problem Statement

Upgrade DC suite for higher power density handling

  • Minimal infrastructure changes

  • Insufficient airflow for cooling



​Outfitted with KoolLogix™ System to minimize business disruption and enhance business selling proposition

  • Eliminate need for expensive complex cooling setup

  • Improved airflow and thermal management capability

  • Revitalize legacy DC for increased business lifespan

Use Case:
Global Colo DC Operator II

Problem Statement

DC hall not well optimized for multi-tenant setup with security cages

  • Pockets of unused data floor space

  • Uneven clusters of IT load deployment

  • Difficult and inefficient airflow management


Deploy clusters of KoolLogix™ Systems for each tenant within their own security cages

  • Improve rental yield for DC operator

  • Maximize usable data floor space

  • Cater for individual tenant's specific total heat  load

  • Increase DC hall's overall per rack heat load handling

Use Case:
HPC Data Centre

Problem Statement

Retrofit repurposed hall for HPC deployment

  • Deliver low PUE

  • Handle mixed rack design and configuration

  • Required non-intrusive cooling solution for servers

  • Zero water risk near computing equipment



  • Passive heat removal for low PUE and carbon emission

  • Standard rack docking station to handle different racks

  • Non-intrusive closed couple server rack heat removal

  • Refrigerant-based solution without water damage risk