We Are Always On The Lookout for Exceptional Talent

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Why Work At KoolLogix?

"I enjoy working at KoolLogix because we are such a small and tight knit company that we can share our problems with one another and solve them collectively".

- Marcus, Project Engineer

"There are many experienced managers from different industries and MNCs. To be able to learn from different schools of thought is interesting".

- Alistair, Business Manager

"KoolLogix has given me a great opportunity to further improve my technical skills as an engineer, but also my soft and social skills! Thanks to my great mentors and managers who are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise to all of us".

- Rizel, Quality Engineer

"KoolLogix allows me to express my creativity through the development of new products with a customer-first mindset".

- Bryan, Product Engineer


"Working in KoolLogix exposes me to many different situations and people that allow me to explore areas outside my expertise".

- Nicholas, Assistant Manager

"KoolLogix empowers me to learn and contribute through development of products by understanding and applying technical expertise, whilst working amongst talented individuals".

- Gordon, Product Engineer

Are you the kind of talent we are looking for?

If you are trained in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering and have the passion for problem-solving and being hands-on, we are interested to hear from you.  Please write to HR@KoolLogix.com and attach your CV.  

Thank you.